Ocean Modules Sweden AB
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Certified ISO 14001:2015

Ocean Modules Sweden AB Quality Policy

Ocean Modules develops, produces and supports ROVs and digital documentation systems for professional operators in the underwater industry. Our vision is that our customers shall perceive Ocean Modules as a competent and responsive company whose products, being versatile and reliable, efficiently caters to their specific needs. To achieve this vision, every employee has a responsibility to develop their skills, the company and the company’s products with a steady focus on the needs and requirements of our customers and local community.

We identify the need and find a solution

Our products shall solve a task. We find out how we can best help our customers to solve their task through our products.

We set goals and work for continuous improvement

By following up our results, analysing causes and implementing actions, we will develop our business to meet our customers’ and society's needs.

We take responsibility

We have professional pride and always strive to carry out our assignments to the best of our ability. We therefore place high demands on ourselves and strive to find solutions that meet the needs. We see it as a matter of course to fulfil contracts, comply with laws and regulations, while taking our society and the environment into account.

It is through the process of constantly developing ourselves, our business, our products and relationships that we will work our way towards the goal of becoming the obvious choice for professional underwater operators.

Ocean Modules Sweden AB
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