Case Studies

Given the versatility of the V8 ROV systems, they are fit for any mission


Scientific research

Ocean Modules ROV technology has visited both the North Pole and the South Pole through research expeditions and is used to protect the sensitive reefs of the Kosterhavet National Park.


Oil and gas

From the west coast of Australia and central Africa to Russia's east coast and the North Sea, Ocean Modules ROV systems are used for inspection and intervention work.


Law Enforcement

Ocean Modules remotely-operated vehicle systems are used for law enforcement and maritime administration.


Search and rescue

ROV systems from Ocean Modules are used for search, rescue and recovery operations. Click on the image to watch the video. 


Long tunnel inspections

Ocean Modules V8 range ROV systems with long umbilical tether cables have been used for complete inspections of tunnels of up to 4200 meters in length.


Customs and coast guard

Ocean Modules V8 ROV systems are used around the world to document environmental threats, stop smuggling operations and assist authorities in international waters.


Nuclear power

The Ocean Modules range of observation class ROV systems are used for various tasks inside and around nuclear power plants, such as inspecting inlets and outlets for cooling water.


Wind power

ROV systems and the SPOT.ON Survey System software are components of a revolutionary application used to find subsea cable faults with extreme precision.



ROV and diver communication systems based on the SPOT.ON software have been delivered to navies and clearance divers around the world. The V8 M500 ROV is a vital component of an unexploded ordnance disposal system in use by major naval forces.



Hydrographic and environmental services


Exploration, television and filmmaking

The stable 360° control system of the Ocean Modules V8 range of ROV systems make them the ideal platform for exploration and documentation.

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