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Exciting Announcement: introducing the V8 remote™


October 2024



Introducing the V8 Remote™

We are thrilled to present the Ocean Modules Remote (V8 Remote™), an innovative solution that revolutionizes the control of Ocean Modules ROV systems. With the V8 Remote™, operators of the V8 M500 and V8 L3000 ROVs can now control their ROV systems remotely, over the Internet, unlocking new possibilities for both military and commercial applications.


Key Features of the V8 Remote™

•    Remote Operation: Control ROVs from any location, eliminating the need for operators to be on the deployment vessel. This feature reduces operational risks and frees up valuable crew space.

•    Advanced Bandwidth Management: Utilizes a sophisticated commercial remote desktop for bandwidth management, compression, and data prioritization, ensuring effective and precise control of the ROV, even under varying bandwidth and latency conditions.

•    Secure Communication: The remote desktop link is encrypted with peer-to-peer, providing a secure connection between the remote operator and the ROV system.

•    Ocean Modules API: The Ocean Modules API is essential for operating the ROV via a commercial remote desktop, offering seamless interoperability between different software systems.

In conclusion, with the V8 Remote™, ROV operations become more flexible and efficient, making it an indispensable tool for modern ROV operators.


Experience the future of ROV control with the V8 Remote™.

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