ROV Systems

V8 L3000

3000 m

Depth rating

270 kg

Weight in air

2,5 knots

Speed (Fwd/Bwd)
ROV systems

V8 L3000

For customers who require an inspection class ROV that dives deeper and carries a greater payload Ocean Modules offers the V8 L3000. The V8 L3000 uses the same control system as the M500 and therefore has same manoeuvrability and stability. The V8 L3000 has a maximum diving depth of 3000 meters and numerous electrical and data interfaces. With fibre optic communications and configurable communications ports that enable interfaces for Ethernet, Serial ports RS 232/485, HD-video and analogue data. 
Virtual serial ports make it simple to route data between subsystems and sensors on the ROV and processing software on the surface

Product overview
Size Standard size: 1190 x 840 x 890 mm
Weight in air Approx. 270 kg
Bollard pull 56 kg
Payload (without skid) Standard approximately 30 kg, can be customised.
Thrusters 8 x 750W Brushless (thruster 110) thrusters
Control system 6 degrees of freedom
Speed (Fwd/Bwd) 2,5 knots
Depth rating 3000 m
Data 12x RS232

12x RS485

4x Gbit ethernet
Operating temperature range -5° to 40°C
Storage temperature range -25° to 50°C

Suitable for observation and light work

In the world of work class ROVs, the L3000 is small. However, given its versatility thanks to the 360DOF control system it can perform many tasks which previously only larger vehicles could accomplish, which makes it very economically viable. Check out the webshop below for more information.

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