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ROV systems

V8 M500

The only ROV with a control system that allows a full 360 degrees with maintained platform stability.

V8 L3000

The V8 L3000 is the first vehicle to be based on the brand-new Ocean Modules third-generation ROV platform, equipped with the same V8 360° control system software of its predecessors.

ROV handling systems


Our Launch and Recovery System includes everything you need for operation. Storage, maintenance area and operator room. 

TMS/Dry tension winch

Highly capable Tether Management System. Making operation significantly more simple by automatically keeping optimal tension on the tether during operation. 

Hand crank winch

Ocean Modules also manufactures a simple hand crank winch for 400 or 600 meters of tether. The 
winch with 400 meters of tether is portable by 2 persons. 



SPOT.ON 3 is a patented survey management software which allows operators to supervise, manage and collect synchronized geographic position, video, sonar and serial data in virtually any type of survey environment. Although SPOT.ON was originally designed for underwater use, it is ideal for recording any type of georeferenced data.

Training and services

Operator and maintainer training

Training courses available:

1. Basic training course for ROV operators (2 days).

2. Technical training course (2 days, requires Basic training course for ROV operators).

3. Thruster maintenance course (1 day).

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Rental and services

Ocean Modules offer ROV services in all sectors, including challenging tasks such as long tunnel inspections. Contact us for more information.

We also offer rental of ROV systems and sub-systems. Contact us for a quote.

Accessories and spares


Depending on the mission at hand, different accessories are required. Ocean Modules ROVs often come equipped with

SD and HD-cameras (Composite, SDI, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, IP)
Lamps (LED, Halogen)
Manipulator (1-F, multi joint manips from companies such as Reach Robotics, Hydrolek, ECA)
Scanning sonar (Micron, SeaKing, Kongsberg Mesotech)
Multibeam sonar (Blueview, Gemini)

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The success of a mission often depends on how prepared you are. Being prepared means being ready for unforseen events. It is always a good idea to have spares during a mission. 

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Discontinued products

V8 Sii and V4 S300 are discontinued products.
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V8 Sii

The V8 Sii has been replaced by V8 M500 which is more capable in every way. If you require spare-parts, check out our shop, or contact us.

V4 S300 Observation

A small ROV building on traditional ROV technology by being a "stable" platform. Does not have the 360DOF freedom control software. If you require spare-parts, check out our shop, or contact us.