ROV Systems

V8 M500

500 m

Depth rating (1000m optional)

70 kg

Weight in air

> 3 knots

Speed (Fwd/Bwd)
ROV systems

V8 M500 

The V8 M500 is a small and nimble inspection class ROV with the unique capability to manoeuvre with six degrees of freedom. The small size and significant power of the V8 M500 make it ideal for use in a wide range of tasks, and the capability to rotate 360 degrees in any dimension without losing stability is tremendously advantageous for sonar and video inspections as it allows the profile of sea floor, ship hull or subsea structure to be followed regardless of angle. The system is able to maintain delicate attitude and position control without contacting the sea floor and with minimal thruster use to maintain its attitude. It is able deploy and retrieve instruments on 
the sea floor and collect both small and large objects from the sea floor including in areas with powerful currents. 

Product overview
Frame Stainless steel and Divinycell floatation blocks
Size Standard size: 840 x 655 x 670 mm
Weight in air Approx. 70 kg
Bollard pull >20 kg
Payload (without skid) Standard approximately 12 kg but this can be customised
Thrusters 8 x 750W Brushless thrusters
Control system 6 degrees of freedom
Speed (Fwd/Bwd) > 3 knots
Depth rating 500 m 
Operating temperature range -5° to 40°C
Storage temperature range -25° to 50°C

From scientific research to mine hunting

With its small footprint, versatility and agility, the V8 M500 is the perfect system for any task.

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