ROV handling systems

Containerized LARS

20 ft 

Size (2438x6058x2591 mm)

8200 kg 

Weight, fully equipped

3000 m

Maximum cage depth

ROV handling systems

Containerized LARS

The Containerised Launch and Recovery System is based on a 20 Foot offshore container. Facing the water, the container opens with two doors to the Launch and Recovery System (LARS). The LARS consists of a telescoping boom, a launch winch, and a cable winch with a level wind. The telescoping boom can extend 6.1 meters from the container opening. A launch winch is used to lower the TMS cage into the water. Well in the water TMS cage will be lowered by the cable winch with the capacity to lower the TMS to 2500 meters depth. The ROV will be housed in its deployment garage/cage, the Tether Management System (TMS), until it reaches the desired working depth. From this point the ROV can exit the cage and manoeuvre freely up to 600m from the TMS cage. 
The back of the container opens to the control room. The control room will be a climate-controlled workspace for three seated persons

The control room

The control room is an acoustically insulated and climate-controlled compartment which is accesses 
through the back of the container. The room is large enough for three seated persons, a floor to roof 
19” equipment rack, a desk and a wall with 6 to 9 video and computer monitors.

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